Order and have your fresh salads delivered in under 3 hours within a 15 mile radius of Swindon


Thought you knew salad? Well, prepare to be re-educated.

'Super Salad' has arrived and it's a revolution in healthy eating with zero compromise on taste.

Bursting with healthy goodness and packed with between 50-80 flavoursome ingredients, with between 25-35 superfoods and an optional source of protein through the introduction of nuts and seeds, it truly is a taste sensation. No mouthful really ever tastes the same so entirely busts the myth that a salad could ever be boring. At Super Salad we love the product we have created in all its variations and we boldly make the statement that this could be 'the healthiest single serving meal in the world'. Try it and see what you think. Don't forget to let us know.

Finely chopped to make it very easy to eat and to blend the flavours of the herbs, vegetables, fruits and salad items, its wonderfully aromatic and lovingly finished off with a simple lemon juice and olive oil dressing. We believe that you would have to go far to find a healthier, tastier product and we do not make that claim lightly.

About Super Salad

Super Salad is a small family-run salad company that will be operating as a delivery service serving Swindon and the surrounding areas within a 15 mile radius. Place your order and we'll deliver within 3 hours. At work. At home. Wherever you are.

Super Salad started three years ago with a goal to revive and revolutionise monotonous salad offerings.

Initially Super Salad contained 15 ingredients. Now we can easily reach a count of 95 different ingredients with as many as 42 Superfoods in one of our salads. So we have been busy creating this masterpiece. Keep an eye open for the "CENTURION" coming soon. We have applied to guinness world records to see if our 100 ingredient salad is a world record.

No new ingredient is added unless it brings something to the party and if it doesn't make a contribution, it's not getting in.

So what can we do for you?

No additives, no preservatives, only natural dressing ingredients (lemon juice and olive oil) to enhance the taste experience.

Let us help you to boost your health and vitality by bringing you a delight in salad form, wherever you want it, whenever you want it – at home, at work, at the gym, anywhere you are

Our Super Salad menu includes Super Salad, Super Fruit Salad, Super Salad Nuts & Seeds, Super Salad Exotica, Super Salad Some like it Hot, Super Salad Eden, Super Salad Ex-Seed, Super Salad Olive Garden and Super Salad 90's


Our original product ‘Super Salad’ is always at the heart of what we do but introducing some variety to your taste is OK too. We love all of the products in the range and we are confident you will too.


Delivery Service, Bulk Supplier, Festival Catering, Event Catering, Markets, Corporate Catering, All request considered and no event is too small. If you have any questions or request please just get in touch by phone email or using our contact us page.

Our Mission

To bring you a little piece of heaven and a lot of reasons to consider us the finest salad suppliers, making you come back for more over and over again

Our Vision

To make eating healthily a true pleasure for the nation. To never be boring, always be tasty and to be your first choice every time. 


We currently use plastic packaging to ensure freshness and optimise the shelf life of our salads. We have been exploring the use of compostable packaging but it has not so far met our quality standards. That doesn’t mean we do not remain on the case and will continue to explore such products as they come to market. In the meantime, we assure you that our current packaging is made of 100% recycled plastic and we will continue to recycle. To support this, if you return the salad pots we can and will re-use them.


At Super Salad we are 100% committed to doing all we can to protect planet earth for our children, future generations and so we can grow salad things to keep our business running.

We as a company have a very low carbon footprint with our only CO2 production coming from salad choppers breathing, energy to power our food processors and the extremely small and low CO2 emitting delivery vehicles.

Super Salad has engaged in a carbon offset programme to mitigate our carbon footprint.

Super Salad is also a zero waste company with any packaging being recycled correctly and any salad and vegetable offcuts going straight into our composters to produce extremely high quality compost for future growing and so it begins again...