Order and have your fresh salads delivered in under 3 hours within a 15 mile radius of Swindon

Our Happy Clients


Stephen Mytton

Now that's what I call a salad! Over 90 ingredients, incredible... and leaves you feeling totally healthy. I have a couple of these beauties delivered every week because there's no way I would be able to make it myself. The delivery team are great as well, very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.


Chris Skillern

Heard great things about Super-Salad so we thought we would give it a try. So fresh and so clean, tasted absolutely amazing. Will definitely be purchasing regularly. So easy to order and delivered within a couple of hours fresh to my doorstep


Claire Smart

The best takeaway I’ve had! So fresh and delicious and delivered to my door within 3 hours of ordering. Will most definitely be ordering again!! Great food


Daniel Hindmarsh

After eating super salad a few times i have to say its amazing you realy do not get the same mouthful twice so healthy and tasty this is the future for salad lovers or just foodys alike well done team super salad keep up the great work


Toni Osborne

Seen a recommendation for this and thought I would give it a go. I wasn't disappointed. The staff were very polite, friendly and informative. The salad was delicious with so many ingredients, the tastes and textures were amazing. Definitely recommend and will be ordering again soon.


James Forster

Amazing food. Very fresh and tasty, the best salad I have ever tried before and its surprising how tasty a salad can be. Amazing food, awesome service. 10/10


Ed Poole

Incredible. If you're like me and love food but dislike being in the kitchen unless at a house party. Then this is for you. Great value for money, when you consider the amount of veg prep that goes into making this let alone the vast array of ingredients needed to create them. Good work Team Super-Salad


Niki Green

Absolutely love these salads. Much healthier than a takeaway but twice as delicious! The fruit salads are amazing too.


Mandy George

Just WOW, so delicious and fresh. Had the Olive Garden super salad today with over 65+ ingredients every mouth full was simply delicious. High recommend I will certainly be placing a weekly order for sure.

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